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    Default Windlass reset

    Windlass on my 32 jammed yesterday and now seems to have no power. Is there a reset button somewhere or an inline fuse ?

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    Yes there is a breaker. On my 28 it is on the bulkhead at the aft. end of engine compartment. Don’t know if that is standard place for the install or aftermarket choice. The breaker on mine has a large red button that one would think would be the reset but it has a black lever that pops out under the breaker when it opens. Very difficult to see, I kept trying to push the red button to reset. On my boat, my windlass is powered independently from the power switch or the keys. A toggle switch near the up/down button handles that. If someone leaves that toggle on, it will kill the house battery after a week at the dock, as they say, ask me how I know.

    The breaker tripping can be caused by jamming or big loads such as trying to lift the anchor with an underwater power cable hooked up. Again ask me how I know.

    Good luck on your project

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    Thankyou for that. Hopefully my 32 has a similiar layout.

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    May be similar to my setup, Windless has a breaker similar to photos below.

    Itís mounted in a location that I canít see the small ďtrip leverĒ, have to reach down feel if itís tripped and flip reset lever back into breaker.

    8E8F263A-97F5-44D3-9B1C-92DFDF89C0D3.jpeg 4FCF0E62-2146-4B86-86D4-1E867DC97B66.jpeg
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