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Thread: Wolverine oil pan heaters

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    It should be easier on a 32 than a 28 because you have more room to get in front of the engines. I wouldn't bother sanding the paint off the bottom of the pan as the instructions suggest. Just clean the surface before sticking them on, use the squeegee like they recommend, and make sure you put a good bead of the black tar around the entire outside edge so it can't begin peeling. Cinch up the cord with a zip tie to something nearby so the weight of the cord isn't pulling down on the pad. I had to replace one because they do burn out after a few years sometimes and it was on there pretty good. The other one is probably 7 years old and still works. I have them on year round except for the middle of the Summer.

    You will notice such a difference when you fire up the engines on a cool day, much less a cold day.

    thanks capt! imagine it makes whole engine room warmer and dryer too? i was recommended the 250watt model for each engine.
    2006 32 cummins qsb 5.9 425

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    I put 250W on my Cummins 480ís. I purchased a rectangular set manufactured by Jegs. I installed on the side of oil pan as the false floor created a very small gap between it and the bottom of oil pan.

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    While I don't have the pan heaters, I keep the step access open in the winter and keep the heat on all winter in the cabin or put a small ceramic heater in the engine comp. Serious difference in starting, even on my D4 which was common rail. My 6BTs barely smoke when starting in the winter if the heat is on. I want the pads, but don't feel like going through the trouble, I have a genny and it's just to tight in there.

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