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    So a few weeks ago, I was trolling along in my 25 with the kicker. Got done fishing and started main engine which is an 8.1 crusader. The main engine started sounding funny, then died and would not re-start. Then the bilge pump came on.

    I raised the engine hatch to find an exhaust joint had popped loose aft of the engine and clearly below the water line. Water was rushing in through that 5 hole really fast. We got it back on and tightened the clamps. Wheew.

    Turned out all the hose clamps were equally loose. 2 clamps on every joint, each one about the same amount loose.

    In hindsight I think the reason the engine died is because the compartment became full of exhaust. Runs fine ever since.

    This was really scary and at a minum its a good reminder to check the clamps periodically. Or maybe install some T-bolt clamps with a lock nut or something.

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    I've had it happen and that's why I keep Nerf balls on deck so I know where they are.

    I tossed a few to a sporty that was going down and saved his day last month. Stuck them right in the exhaust from the outside and stopped the ingress while he got the exhaust back together.
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    That’s a great idea. Any particular size ball that fits best?

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    Fyi, i carry "concrete pump truck flush balls" orange dense spongey balls that can plug various size holes. Also use them to stuff in exhaust pipes for winter storage and or service with exhaust.

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    All of the exhaust joints on my CC are fiberglass and you can easily crush one (yes, I did) by over-tightening a hose clamp. Too bad there isn’t a universal tourque rating for the hose clamps on these. Too loose and you sink, too tight and you break an elbow.
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    I installed anti crush sleeves in all my fiberglass joints. Relatively cheap insurance and piece of mind. You can really tighten down with the clamps then, or add t bolt clamps
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    My joints are all silicone rubber so i smoked them down real tight with a rachet that night. Then I bent over the tang so they can’t back out.

    I like the ball idea to plug the exhaust pipe.

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    Been meaning to custom cut some wood bungs as emergency stoppers for the thru-hull exhaust at the waterline...time to get it done.
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