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Help on how to secure baitwell lid.

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  • Help on how to secure baitwell lid.

    Someone must have figured a solution on how to keep the livewell doors from opening in a rolling sea. I have the 2 door butterfly type lid. I dont want to release half my bait on the way out. A buddy had the same lid on a 25 and used bungee cord mounted inside the livewell and connected to lid to help, but I would prefer some sort of flush mounted latch if such a product exists. I am also going to modify the way the tank drains as I have had the tube fall out even while fully seated. I've seen a good post on this mod but nothing on the lid.
    Jim B.
    FLY'N FISH 35 Classic
    Va. Beach

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    I didn't do it but I believe those $2 black plastic ball/socket keepers by Perko would work.

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32