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need your 25' Classic pictures

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  • need your 25' Classic pictures

    i am looking for some pics of how both a folding tower looks, and is mounted as well as a hard canister for a liferaft on a CC 25'. probably will never go with a tower, but just looking for ideas. has anyone mounted a windlass on their 25? got any pics?

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    Try looking on YACHTWORLD.COM I usually look up the carolina classic boats for sale and check out the pics of the boats for sale to see if I see anything new and different.


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      Life Raft

      I installed a new six man life raft on the hardtop of my CC25 two years ago. It made the boat extremely tipsy especially drifting and even in the marina. Looked great. But I moved from the top to the foredeck. Now I removed it all together. I’m looking into purchasing a raft just in a valise. I can send you some pictures if you want. I’m also selling the raft if you’re interested.


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        i have heard that either a tower or a raft up top will do this, was wanting to see how they were mounted. liferaft will probably never happen, but was wanting to see some pics for reference. thanks. a windlass is on top of the list in modifications.