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    I am a big fan of the carolina classic boats however I do not own one. I have had an interest in boats for only 3 years and own an outboard boat as this is what I could afford when I was ready to own one. I have always thought that I would get a CC35 when I had the money and time to enjoy it and fish it and am writing this to make a few suggestions. I attended the Ft Lauderdale show and and my observations are that there are alot more choices in this sector of the market than there used to be. the CC35 was in my mind the most desireable of the lot when it was cabo 35(too expensive not a great ride) and Luhrs in a 36. Now there are 36 Albemarle, 36 bertram and 36 wellcraft, and probably more. The 32 cabo is more like a 34 and is reported to ride well. Last week when I went on the CC35 I asked where the rod storage is and the sales person says everyone asks that but you have to add your own. It is a boat made to fish. The best solution to this that I saw at the show was the Bertram 36 with a rod locker (lockable) incorporated in the underside of the hardtop. I know that A/C at the helm is supposed to be coming but it needs to be here for me to buy one. Maybe this is not an issue if you do not live in Florida but in my mind when I drop close to half a million on a boat this is something I want. It sure makes the boat purchase a lot easier if your wife likes the cabin too. The competition has done these things and I would like to see it on the CCs as I believe they are tops in construction quality and great boats. Maybe CC sells all the boats they can make and I am not the kind of customer thay are after but I want to make my observations known. I mean this in a positive way so I hope it is percieved as such. thanks

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    You are looking at a bunch of nive boats. Of course here you will find a little bit of a CC bias!!!

    Couple of things . . . Helm A/C is available. The first 35 with it is out and it is an option that you can select. As far as rod storage, Mac will put storage wherever you want it on the boat when it is being built. He elects not to generically b/c he does not attempt to discern one fisherman's preferences versus anothers . . . If a dealer orders/has a stock boat than off course the rod storage config was/is up to them. But I would hope they would accomodate the customer's needs.

    The storage compartments over the v-berth (port and stbd) can be converted to rod storage. The hanging locker can be converted as well . . . There are mahogany strips in the overhead under the liner at various locations to accomodate rod/reel hangers. Rod/reel hangers can also be placed in the head and on the helm deck. All of this Mac will do as the boat is being built. The last one we spec'd out , we took the owner to the factory with a few of his combos and Mac and he figured out what worked best and the changes were incorporated to the build.

    The biggest thing that CC has over all of the other boats that you mentioned is ownership that will talk to their customers and truly try and help with any and all questions and concerns!!

    Have fun on the boat hunt!!


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      update ideas

      Tswann you have some very good info and points I have been on 3 CC35s this year , 2 at boat shows and 1 at our local dealer. not once did the sales person emphasize that the boats are designed for fisherman and that the rod racks would be placed wherever the buyer wanted. All I got was "there is no rod storage". I just want the CCs to continue to be the best in their category