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optional tackle storage box

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  • optional tackle storage box

    if any of you have the large tackle box and sink with storage under and alongside listen to this... if you pull out a drawer out and look inside you will see about 8" of dead wasted space...i gutted the whole thing and had shelves made with spacers to hold 2 large plano boxes + extra room on each shelf..i now store 10 large storage boxes in that space..when finished i reinstalled the black frame and doors so it looks the same as from the factory when closed..on the sink side i had a door cut out on the back of the box behind the row of drawers..with a shelf installed i store eng.oil and coolant in there..a door was made from the piece that was removed and it works great.. ill post some pics. when i can..

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    the tackle storage post was done by biteme..i dont know why it says guest.


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      Send pictures!

      I shoved a 4 box carrier from within a Plano tackle bag into the sink side space and bolted it in place; but I was baffled as to how to build out the single side due to all the curved inner surfaces.


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        sink storage

        BACKMAN... that sounds good but i use the area under the sink for sinker storage..with some stacking storage containers like you see in hardware to that i put some wreck buoys and nothing moves around. i pull out the sinkers when i lift the floor not to put strain on the lift system..the drawers next to the sink work for me for smaller stuff..pliers,knives and other small stuff....the box on the stbd. side works great with the new shelves..ill try to post some pics. this weekend....


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          Is your boat over at Jacksons? I thought I saw it there 2 years ago when I purchased mine.

          Great idea with the tackle centers. I am going to look today to see what I can do with the space.

          "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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            i dock at soleau's next to oklands out at the inlet..if you want to come around and look at my tackle box we could work something out some sat. let me know..what engines do you have ??


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              I am running the cummins 250's. These motors have been very good to me after the injector issue was resolved.

              I would like to see the changes you have made to the tackle centers. Is your boat still in the water? When would be a good time for me to see what you have done?

              Let me know

              "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                i sent you a pm


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                  My 28' only had the tackle center on the port side with the sink, storage space and drawers. Unsure of what to put on the starboard side - a cooler, the CC larger strorage unit or the CC smaller storage unit. I know the smaller unit can also double as a seat, which is definietely a plus - just wondering what other users have found most useful.
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                    Brian, have you seen the new tackle storage seat that Mac puts on the 05 boats. That looks real nice. I think I would check into one of them.
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                      That depends on your needs. I have the two large stations and love the storage but on long runs to the canyon, my crew wishes there was another place to sit. It is all a trade off. If I had to do it all over I would buy a 05 with the new seating

                      I spoke to Mac about the new seating and if I could retrofit the helm deck to accept it and unfortunately it will not work.

                      I have seen other 28's with the sink removed, the double wide chair removed and a 320 SSI mounted longways in there place. On the starboard side there was the large tackle station without the sink. Just another option.

                      Good Luck,

                      "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                        the heck with the crew

                        I usually end up standing if its more than flat calm on those long rides out - so can they!

                        get a pool float - the thick one with the big rolled head rest. the luckiest crew member takes it and has a nice nap on the centerline of the cockpit on the way out.

                        Its my bed on the centerline of the helm station on overnights; best sleeping spot on the boat. Its even better at 2 PM/halfway home, 2 hours to go, to turn over the wheel for an hour and have a sun nap on the way in.

                        After all these posts I'm seriously thinking about gutting and reglassing the tackle center - the sink is a magnet for everyone's stray garbage and odds and ends; if I ripped it out I'd gain at least 2 more plano slots up high, as well as my 4 slots I already have in there.


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                          long range seating

                          i put some foam cushions on the tackle boxes for extra fot myself is at the helm with my feet up in a 90qt bev.cooler watching the water while my best buddy simrad runs the boat to the dip or hudson...i usually only have 3-4 people total on the boat and due to the hull killing all but the worst seas someone sleeps in the cabin so seating is not an issue...