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Latest Project - Doubled Passenger Seating

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  • Latest Project - Doubled Passenger Seating

    Always hated not having enough room for a crew of five to ride comfortable, so I picked up another seat for the port side, and the project began. First, removed the tackle station with the sink, removed the smaller tackle station, removed the port passenger bench. Moved front passenger bench as far forward as possible while still keeping it mounted to the engine hatch. Mounted the second bench seat. Torn between keeping the sink or not, decided yes. Remounted it behing the captains chair along with all the new plumbing. I love this setup. The best part is the benches are reversible. I can ride out with both benches facing forward, then reposition the rear bench to watch the lines when trolling. During social hour at the dock, we turn the benched facing each other. All the canvas still fits properly. I don't know why i don't see more setups like this. Gives it a bigger-boat feel. Now, check the want-adds, guess I'm going to sell the smaller tackle station...any takers?
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    How do you keep the boat on its keel as opposed to its chines with 4 people on one side and only yourself on the starboard side?


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      I weigh 600 lbs. Not really. The truth is the most crew I have ever carried is 4 adults and a child total. Last trip out to the stream was in 4' to 7' (supposed to be 2' -4'), and the boat did great. Myself & 3 adults. Boat ran straight as an arrow. Its a heavy boat though...Approx 200 gallons fuel, tower, yanmars, northern lights genset, crusair, ice, tackle, raft on bow, etc. I cruise 24-25 knots at 3400rpms. Tops out around 30-32 knots at 4200 rpms. Still respectable.


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        Fair enough

        I weigh 155 and often take 2 200 pounders on the bench seat.

        She sits evenly on the way out but tends to chine walk on the way home when the tank is low and there's not as much weight down below.

        Out of curiousity how much does the genset and cruiseair combo weigh?


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          Honestly I have no idea, but both are in the perfect location to add stability to the boat. I bet the geneartor weighs over 200lbs, maybe 300 lbs, it looks big & heavy. The crusair can't be more that 75 or so. But when I moved the life raft from the tower to the bow to make space for the radar, it really made it dig when I push the tabs down. To the point the exhaust gets louder & you feel like youre running downhill, pretty cool. Big following seas at full cruise is entirely too much fun. That carolina flare will part seas like Moses. Head seas are still headseas. Found an OK pic or two.
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            Hey Catch Basin,

            I have the same set up as you, except with 250 summins and westerbeke gen. I have my raft mounted on the bow in front of the cabin window. I was thinking about moving on top of the hard-top, behind my radar, to give me a better line of sight when running what are your thoughs, whyd you move it below just to fit the radar?


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              Exactly. My life raft was on top and had to be moved to mount the radar, either forward or back, or off the roof all together. Also was concerned about it effecting the radar. I am very happy with the raft on the bow. Talk about obstructed views, I added extra diagonal cross braces on the front legs of the tower because i kept breaking it in so many places, i have the large radar display mounted atop the helm, and the raft on the bow. It hasnot obstructed my views as much as I thought it would. For me, this is a great setup.


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                i have the same interior dash set up, did you do a refit


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                  The gauges are from the Yanmar upfit, they are standard equipment for the level 2 guage setup.


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                    What size chair?

                    hi catch basin

                    i am looking to put a fighting chair on my 28cc yours looks realy nice can you tel me what name brand and what class size it is. and did you have it mounted after you recived your boat. thank you your remod looks great

                    GO DEEP!!!!! TAKE A KID FISHING......


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                      Hey Shark Hunter let me know what you decide when I bought my boat it came with a fighting chair, I havent used it at all, the only thing i could provide it the base in the cockpit floor let me know if you want to by used...

                      Hey Catch basin what year is your boat... You like the yanmars


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                        BKTUNA where do you fish out of?..i have 315 yanmars....Very nice..Charlie


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                          I have a friend that just bought a Carolina a few months back. he has rigged it up for commercial grouper fishing. Removed a sweet fighting chair. i'll take some pics & post tonight. he said he would sell it right. Mine is a Pompanette? sp, and works really well. It does take up a lot of room, like having 2 extra people onboard. But it is the best seat in the house.
                          The boat is a 95 model. I've had it for 2 years. I was reluctant to buy a boat that old, espically when i looked at 2000 and up models in the same price range. Newer boats with gas engines could be bought for alot less money. What sold me were the Yanmars. The story goes something like this: The engines were from a 2004 Rampage (I think I was told a 36') and the drives kept going out. Engines were strong enough, boat was too heavy for drives was the verdict. No larger drives existed that would mate to the 315s, so Rampage satisfied the owner by replacing 315 yanmars & drives with larger equipment. The original owner of the CC and the mechanic at Rampage were friends. The mechanic was able to purchase the engines and drives still under warrenty with only 50 hrs and installed in the Carolina Classic. Figured while he was in there, go ahead and replace generator too. Northern Lights now has 285 hrs on it. Boat was sent to Mac to install all new exhaust, new fuel tank, new shafts, 18" props, etc. The only bill i saw was the one for purchase & installation of engines & drives, $75,000.00. I bought the boat for $105,000.00. With all the new equipment, I figured I couldn't go wrong, even if it is a 95 model. It had everything I wanted except radar, which i have since installed. Sorry for the long explanation. I will enjoy this boat for a long time.


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                            Hey Bite Me,

                            I keep the boat in Brooklyn, NY. Late July - Aug/early Sept. I bring it out east, I used to keep my old boat in Westhampton and run out of moriches, my old boat was a 22 ft whaler, But with the new Carolina, moriches inlet frightens me slightly. I am trying to get a slip near hampton bays so I can run out of shinnecock. Being out east gives me a lot more choices to fish offshore, and mileage is much shorter to run.


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                              shinn inlet is great to fish out of 66 to the dip,72 hudson & 75 to mouth of the tails..also good spots 30-50 out...i am docked 1/4 mile from the inlet so no matter time of day or dense fog i am 5 min.from the ocean...