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  • Question about rod holders

    I was heading out of Oregon Inlet going offshore fishing, like usual, we had rods in all the gunnel rod holders. Half-way out, my brother looks back and sees a rod missing out of the holder. it was a shimano tld 50 which isnt a cheap reel, it must have bounced out of the rod holder and over board. 500 bucks down the drain. The bad thing is that it wasnt rough, it was only a 2-3 foot chop going out. This is a 98 CC 25. Has any-one had this problem. These are carolina classic rod holders too.

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    i use safety lines on all poles while running and fishing offshore but have never had a pole bounce out on my 28'...


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      Originally posted by biteme
      i use safety lines on all poles while running and fishing offshore but have never had a pole bounce out on my 28'...
      Me too, safety lines all the time that rods are in the holders.
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        The only time I came close to loosing a 50tw was running hard in moderate seas. Forgot to tighten the drag after storage. Was running and line was paying out the hole way. Heard a twang and say from the corner of my eye the rod alomost exit the boat./ My dumbness. Have sins=ce learned to wash the reels on full strike, store on no drag, run on full strike. Full strike limits water intrusion. Mark


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          I have never had a rod bounce out of a holder on my CC28 after many off shore trips.
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            Sorry for your loss.
            Safty lines soundes like a good idea. I have a 98 25' also, running hard in 3-4' seas without a problem. However, looks like safty lines are going to be a cheap investment.


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              Never had one bounce out on my 25 CC, but the planer rod always worries me to death.
              If you are handy with splicing line, you can have safety lines for your boat in a couple of hours with very minimal expense.


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                Never had gold bounce

                from gunwale; transom, tower leg or tower rod holders.

                And I have run through some pretty hairy stuff over the years. Gold always gets a safety line, regardless.

                I have had one TLD launch out of a tower leg holder in what I would consider moderate 3-5's. They get pinned now also.

                Surprisinglyi I have never lost a spinninng or conventional wire line rig and I'll bash through really foul 5-10 mile runs when I'm bass fishing.

                What I have lost by the handfuls over the years are tools; pliers, knivesa, crimpers, etc. that are left on the tackle center cutting board; bounce off of it in rough conditions and slide out the scuppers before they get grabbed.