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  • Life Raft Mounted

    Here is a pic of my life raft mounted on the tower. I don't know if it'sthe best spot or not but I hope I will never have to find out. I did'nt want it on the bow for fear that it might obstruct my view. It is easy to get to if need be and will float free if I can't.
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    I have a 28, my life raft is mounted on my bow, i could not fit it on my hard top with the open array radar... any other 28's have ideas for mounting... i have a navnet screen in the is in-line with the raft so i dont know how much of my view it is actually obstructing now, but just would like some ideas


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      swiftlink on port side

      I have a 28 cc and i just mounted a 6 man on the port side on the bow i have no problem with my vision just make sure you have a hydro on it because it may be hard to get to in a jam. And i hope you NEVER need it.

      good luck
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        I have a six man as well, i was thinking of moving it to the port side. oo well
        its fine i guess where it is