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Early Warning Device Follow-Up

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  • Early Warning Device Follow-Up

    I was finaly able to perform the final test on the shaft seal flow switches. I had installed one flow switch in the starboard shaft seal cooling line and left the port side as was. Using an infared non-contact temp guage I took temp. readings of the seal logs under two condition to compare the with and with-out flow switch conditions. The first condition was with the engines warmed up at the dock with the water temp at 55F. The starboard side shaft seal log was 77F and the port side was 79F. The second condition was under way at approx. 20knts, with a water temp of 54F. The starbord side with the flow switch was 67F and the port side with out the flow switch was 69F. So I now feel good that the flow switch does not effect the normal cooling of the shaft seal and will install one in the port side cooling tube.
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    seal temp

    just curious, did you ever measure the temp with one engine in gear and the other off to see if the turning of the prop from forward motion causes any significant temp change. IE simulating loosing one engine scenario to see if it has the potential to damage the non operating shaft seal.
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      Code Blue,
      I did not take those kind of measurments. However I know with my 32' I am only able to make around 9-10 knts on one engine and at that speed water should fill the shaft log cavity under the boat keeping the non-running one cool.