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  • Winterizing

    This is the first boat that I have owned with all the different systems that need antifreeze. The freshwater system is easy, just dump some antifreeze in the tanks and let em rip. The saltwater side is a little more time consuming. I was going to disconnect the hoses on the intake side of the pumps and suck AF through the system. The mechanic at the marina had a setup that he let me use. He pumps out of a 55 gal drum with a on -demand washdown pump. There was a shutoff on the end of a garden hose (his was 100ft long) with a cone shaped rubber end. Just stick it in the through hull fitting and open up the valve and pump untill pink comes out the other through hull and you are finished.

    This worked so good that I am going to make one on a 5 gal bucket with a small pump and long leads to reach the battery for power. It took about 3 min to do the AC, freezer boxes and washdown. I think it will cost about 60 bux. Well worth it IMO.
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    Groco ( makes some nice plumbing fittings (SSC & SSCV) that attach to seacocks to make winterization a snap. I installed the SSV's on both the engine cooling & raw water intakes on my boat. Two thumbs up.
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