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28 fishbox and shifter knobs

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  • 28 fishbox and shifter knobs

    I added a 1.5 " PVC screw together union in the middle of each fishbox hose so now you can just unscrew them by hand and completely remove the fishboxes. I put a little petroleum jelly on the threads and seals to keep them working freely.

    I also got tired of looking at those faded shifter and throttle knobs on my hynautic controls and took a bolt that fit them cut the head off fitted in the drillpress. I sanded each knob with 150 grit then 320 and finally 600 wet dry. They look better then new. Total of about 1 hour and $3.00 including prep time to do all 4 knobs and put them back on the boat. I am sure a hand drill would work, just use good gloves.

    The wife says I take better care of the boat than her. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be, the boat doesn't talk back.
    1997 CC28