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Removing Fish Boxes

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  • Removing Fish Boxes

    The fish boxes on my 28 are very difficult to remove, apparently the insulation catches on the sides on the way out and you really have to horse it around tearing the insulation when doing so. I have tried aluminum duct tape to make the isulation fit tighter but it did not help much. Thinking about cutting it an inch or two down from the top of the box and putting some typy of thinner insulation on. any one else have this problem or got any idea for a fix?

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    fish boxes

    the in deck fishboxes do not keep ice with or without the ins. so i just removed it alltogether.. i use the box as a cold brine box..when live tuna come over the side i make the cuts to bleed the fish and then dump it in the box..get the boat moveing again and when convenient fully clean the chilled fish and pack it in an iced cooler...the other side i use for storage or on overnite trips pack the butters so after a full day or trolling they are semi-defrosted for chunking..


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      What biteme said

      I've removed the insulation on the stern end of the fishboxes and left the erst of it on. One fishbox is storage; the other is a brine tank for fresh fish. A side benefit of the brine tank is that if you want to switch from tuna fishing to sharking in the middle of the day - start the macerator pump and you have one heck of a chum slick almost immediately!