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Helm dome light wiring point?

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  • Helm dome light wiring point?

    I spent the day fixing things.

    The dome light at the helm has been flaky for a year and I went to replace it and found both it and the bulb in fine shape. A red/black duplex wire goes up into the box and dissappears behind my radar and fishfinder. All the other lights work so its this circuit; not the switch.

    Does that duplex go up to the fuses at the back of the overhead box or does it run down to the helm? Where is it fused?

    I don't want to take the overhead box face, radar and fishfinder out unless I have to as its a P.I.A - can someone tell me how the dome light is wired and fused?

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    Larry - I installed that Perko dome light. I have them on my new boat too, and I think the on/off switch acts up, perhaps due to interference with the rubber boot cover on the switch. They are nice lights though, with the powdercoat paint, or whatever it is. I think I wired that light directly to the fuse buss in the box, or an additional fuse buss I put it there. Can't remember exactly.