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  • Lighting

    The Cosmo make me over continues for Skipjack; gotta have new lights to go with the new engines

    Anyone replaced either the dome light at the helm or the cockpit lights with red LED's? If so - suggestions on brand/# of LED lights?

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    I have Hella oval LED lights mounted under my gunwale. I have the white ones, and they provide a very nice soft light, and draw minimal current. I have 8 of them around the cockpit of my new boat which is 36 feet. For a CC28 I would think 4-6 would be good. 2 on each side, and one on each side of the livewell. They are waterproof. Only problem is that they are flushmount rather than surface mount, so I had to make up some wooden blocks to mount them in. 2 seasons, and they are going strong. I got them at West Marine, not cheap, they were around $15 then, but I think they are up around $25 now. I have one that was defective from day one. I have called Hella numerous times and get put into someone's voice mail, and have never got a return call. That's weak.


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      I have a 2002 28' CC and was also wondering about switching the cockpit gunnel lamps with red LED bulbs. Has anyone done this? Should be much easier than running rope lights but not sure if just replacing the bulb would give out enough light. Mostly just mood lighting but also for early morning departures with the crew rigging the rods. I keep forgetting to see what type and size the existing bulb is. Thanks for any input.


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        We have a '07 28 and it had the regular bulb lights in the helm area. I replaced the red and white lights with the hella LED lights, same colors. All the holes and wires matched, so it was an easy switch. I bought all the lights from West Marine.

        I also replaced the white lights under the gunnels with blue hella LED lights. They are more for aesthetics than actual light, but they do the job for offshore runs in the morning and hanging out on the boat at night. They look real good. We use the spreader lights for really providing light for the pit if needed.


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          I ordered some red LED lights from Super Bright LEDs. I replaced the bulbs under my gunnel. They look pretty nice at night. Only problem is the LEDs are longer than the original bulbs thus I can't put the plastic lens cover on. I hope this isn't a problem since I'm freshwater use only.

          The super bright LEDS are 1/4 the cost of West Marine LEDs.
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            Rope Lighting

            Every one makes rope lighting in 12 volt..they last forever and will fit under the gunnel's real nice. On my 28 they will wraparound and end at the live well. I'm in the process of purchasing it right now and I think I was quoted near $3.85 per foot. It can be cut every 3". The lighting guy is bringing in 150ft into his store and will probably real interested in selling the rest of the roll...I only need 2 8' pieces and 2 live ends. The color is blue LED...I'm thinking of wrapping some 120 volt rope lighting under the perimeter of my dock..neighbors will probably gag
            W.B. Griffin