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  • 25CC Windlass

    I'm in the process of researching a windlass to install on my 25CC. I emailed Keith He said thay had previously used a Lewmar V2 but had changed to a Italian made Lefrons unit. The Lewmar is a 5/16' unit and I will be using a 1/2inch rode. I also asked freefall units and he said they had never used a freefall unit due to the size of the anchor locker and tangling occuring.

    Has anyone installed a freefall windlass on their 25 and what kind of performance have you observed. Also what brand unit. I had thought of the Lewmar Pro Series with the freefall kit but if freefall doesn't work too good on the boat I will change do without that feature.

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    I have a 25 cc with a Lewmar windlass and wish I had a free fall unit because anchoring in deep water with a current is almost impossible due to the slow descent. We anchor on structure often to bottom fish and will be looking into modifying my anchor system.I have been using a tub with auxillary anchor to free fall.Any suggestions ? My unit came as standard accessory on my 06 25cc.


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      Why can't you pile the anchor rope on the deck as you do with another anchor, when time to pull let the windlass pull the rope?
      "Addison Leigh"
      1995 Carolina Classic 28'
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        i have found that for wreck fishing nothing beats a dedicated anchor in a basket retrived with a float system. my main anchor in the nose NEVER gets dropped where it might hang up.


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          Was hoping to hear of a modification to my main anchor but of course I could pile my rope on the deck.This means having to manually pull out my 300 ft of line first and then hope that it does not fall over as sometimes conditions can be rough at my reefs off LI NY. Thanks for the comeback and I look 4ward to hearing other ideas from fellow enthusiasts.


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            for what it's worth... when i had a 25', i had a GOOD windlass which was free fall and installed by GOOD with 400' of rode and never had a problem. they built a teak pulpit and installed on top of the locker which was sealed and then we cut out the interior, installed a teak door, to have access to the locker for maintenance if needed.