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broken black starboard cockpit door frames

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  • broken black starboard cockpit door frames


    my two doors about shin/knee level at each seat and the overhead electronics box frame have all started to break at the corners where the screws go through them

    they are made of what looks like black starboard or similar type material

    has anyone else had this problem and/or fixed it? if so did you just try and replace the whole frame?


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    Fact of life

    mine has been like that for 5 or 6 years w/ no appreciable harm. the tackle center facing around the doors also has the same cracks; again w/ no functional harm.


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      Same with mine

      The corners of what I call my "ankle lockers", on either side - just outboard of the seats arrived new with cracked corners. I think the screws may have been over tightened at the factory. I bought replacement doors a while back (Keith gave me the vendor name) but they are white (black was no longer available) instead of black like my originals so I still have not replaced them. The cracks are not very noticeable.
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        All of mine cracked at the screw point.
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          yeah, and ankle lockers have no functional harm, but the door around the electronics hatch above head level is ready to fall anytime when the door is open....either pretty crappy material or lack of pre drilling an appropriate hole


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            Some of mine cracked too. When I looked into getting them replaced I found out that black is no longer available so I just used some 5200 to sure them up.
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              While we are on this thread...

              Any of you guys notice very small glass fractures at the front corners of your overhead electronics box - right where the box meets the underside of the hard top??
              Steve on Reel Screamer
              2004 Carolina Classic 28