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  • Engine Hatch Electrical Mod

    While pulling my batteries for the winter I decided to accomplish a simple wiring mod rather than manually wrestle with the weight of the engine hatch. This won't help you with a dead battery at sea but if you have access to 12V you can open and close your hatch just like using the switch.

    1. Cut the black (negative) lead to the lift motor. Install a 3-way connector putting the wires you just cut and another black piece about 4 feet long all together (the 3-way is the yellow piece).
    2. On the end of the long piece of black wire add an alligator clip. This wire will go to the (-) of a 12V source when required.
    3. Make up a 4 foot piece of red wire with an aligator clip on either end. One end will be for the (+) of a 12V source when required. The other end will be to touch (I never actually needed the clip but it is handy) the positive output posts of each solenoid (one solenoid is for up power, one for down).
    4. When not in use, the wire is just looped and I used a couple of wire ties to attach to the bulkhead.
    5. There are no "hot" wires" when not in use and you never cut one other than the negative lead to the motor itself. The alligator clips also serve to stow everthing neatly.
    6. All this stuff was right in my electric box, you could add a fuse, better 3-way or butt splice instead of a 3-way etc but it will serve me just fine.

    Worked like a charm. For bigger, detailed pics drop me a line.

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    Good idea

    In general a really useful tool to have on board is a couple pieces of #12 wire w/ alligator clips on both ends.

    My hatch switch died on me a few years back and for a while i raised and lowered it w. a pair of jumpers.

    I've also jump started a failed neutral safety switch on my old KAMD 42's w.them,

    On the hatch - when I was in Panama on Coral Star a few years back - all the boats, Puruits and Albermarles had cleats under the tackle centers and when the hatch had to be raised at sea; a line was secured to the cleat and then looped around the aluminum of the hard top to raise and lower the hatch. I've been thinking for a couple years about doing the same, but have never got around to it.