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  • livewell

    Has anyone taken their livewell out of a 28 and made that a fish box or extra storage? I doubt I ever need any live bait tank on my boat as i will not do enough of it to use one and i have 2 good aerators i could use if needed to do a make shift livewell if i did decide i needed one. I seem to need more ice storage during the heat of the summer. I cannot keep enough ice on the boat. Plus I kinda like a transom fish box.

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    Why take it out? Just fill it with ice or fish or whatever. It's insulated already. I don't see what you'd gain by taking it out.


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      I agree, use mine all the time for carrying ice. It drains overboard and is easy to clean. The small blocks fit perfectly fore and aft and you can really fill the whole bottom up with them and then dump cube bags on top. It does not hold ice as good as a quality cooler but it will hold block ice for at least 3-4 days. It's also perfect for smaller fish (stripers, blues, tunnys etc) due to the easy cleaning and height. For better ice keeping ability the lid and probably the entire top needs to be insulated. I haven't bothered to do that.
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        On my old 28 I had removed the livewell & installed 1" foam insulation to the 4 sides & bottom of the opening. I then reinstalled the livewell & caulked it back into place. I used a foam compatible construction adhesive to adhere the insulation to the inner walls & bottom of the livewell opening. It did hold ice for a considerable longer period but for it to be real effective, the lid needs to be insulated & gasketed.

        "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32