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  • top removal

    ANy input on ease and or procedures to lay tower down for height restrictions?
    Have removable top, with factory connections, just never seen it done or performed such task. Will most likely being doing it on the water (Bush River) to clear the low train bridge for winter service and storage.

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    removable tower.......

    Mine came shipped out here to the West Coast with the tower down. The upper station console was placed forward on the upper windshield area in a plywood/glassed bracket that was strapped/fastened to the tower legs under the hardtop. All the hoses and cables were connected with the exception of the wires to the floodlights which enter the console through the tube at the back upper right corner. The tower itself fits in the cockpit. Everything that was touching any surface was carpeted and taped securely. We used a small cherry picker/crane forklift kind of deal to get the tower in position to bolt it in place. I remember there are some keys/shims that have to fit in there perfectly to have it locked in place. We ended up having to machine a couple of them down to fit. Then it snapped in place.

    I wish I would have taken pictures with it taken down. I also really wish I would have kept the bracket/brace for the console. Like an idiot I left it at the boatyard after installation. I will probably regret that at some future date.


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      I thing Backman has some pictures of the tower down for shipping back to the factory for his repower.
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        I had mine removed for shipping as well. Sounds like the exact same way that Laukia did. All the hoses were left connected, the only wires that needed to be re-connected were the spreaders. It took three of us to lift the tower frame back in place, but after that it bolted back together pretty easily.
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          Thanks for the input. After just purchasing her in June, taking her from Beaufort to OC, Md. and fishing the summer, I need to get her closer to my home so I can rig and service properly over the winter. The marina near home is on the Bush River, where AMTrack does not open the bridge after 30 Sep. I plan on fishing till Nov or the Ice blocks me in and the tuna fish head east.

          Not to mention redoing the bottom. Any input for best performence products for hull paint, please advise.