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adding another deep cell battery

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  • adding another deep cell battery

    We are looking to add a second deepcell to our 95 28 gas CC. Current config has 3 bats. 2 starting bats and one deep cell. We want to add an additional deepcell to help with the load on overnighters. We have a generator but run a lot of items over night, including electronics, thruhulls, cockpit and spreader lights and cabin lights at times. Because of the load placed on the system by the heavy draws (lights) electronics tend to have some issues when power cycles and bat charger comes on. Has anyone added an additional deep cell and if so any wiring input is appreciated. Chuck

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    overnite power

    is your gen.part of the boat or a carry-on ? do you have 110 spreader lights or just 12 volt ? i have a built in gen set (5kw) and 4 500w 110 spreaders two out back and 1 on each side. these turn nite into day with no draw on the 12v system..never had 12v power issues..Charlie


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      Generator is internal 4.5 k. Spreaders are 12v but we also rig a pair of 110 halogens in the rocket launcher on the hard to. We have a Raymarine C-series setup and it is very sensitive to changes in voltage. Spreaders arn't the biggest problem it's a combination of multiple with the thru hulls being the biggest draw.


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        If You Want To Add Some Real Boost You Might Try A J-185. Same Foot Print As A Group 27 But Taller.