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Gaff/tag stick holders and a/c question

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  • Gaff/tag stick holders and a/c question

    I was wondering if anyone has added a gaff/tag stick holder on a 35 or 32 on the far port side of the cockpit where the cabinent opens? I saw it on a Cabo and liked it. You simply opened the cabinent door and slide your tag sticks and gaffs forward. My thought was to cut a hole behind the cabinent for three sticks and simply slide them forward into some type of pipe up under the L-shaped lounge portion of the seating. I think i will still have plenty of room for cleaners, etc in the cabinent area.

    On another note, has anyone installed an a/c under the express seating on a 35 in order to always leave the back isenglass curtain on and cool off this area? It's super hot down here in Alabama right now! If so, what size, and where did you put it? Last thought, is my generator large enough to run another a/c?


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    Good idea on the the tag stick storage . . . Cut in the hole, glass-in a pvc tube and you are golden . . .

    Helm Deck A/c is available as an option on the 35 as is a 7.5kw genset . . . .If you want to run cabin ac, fish boxes and helm deck ac the larger genset is key . . .


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      tag stick/ a/c

      Thanks for the idea on glassing in some pvc pipes as i think that will work. Both my fish boxes and drink box are already refridgerated so i believe i already have the 7.5kw genset but i will check tommorow when i go down. If this is the case i guess i should see how much total power i am drawing off the genset and then see what extra capacity i might have in order to determine what size a/c unit to put in?


      Orange Beach, Al.