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macerator pumps on 28

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  • macerator pumps on 28

    has anybody taken there macerator pumps in the fish boxes and just done away with the pump and gone straight out the back of the boat. tired of replacing pumps. i think that i will work but justed wanted to know if anybody has already tried it.

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    mac pump

    i think that the drain in the fish-box is below the waterline so you need a pump to get the water out...i agree that the pumps should last longer but unless you try a diff. brand or type we are stuck with the pumps defense the do clear the boxes very fast...


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      going on year 8 of the jabsco's/no problems

      I do tear them down once every 2 years and clear the bags and fishing line out of the chopper blade. I've replaced the impellers a couple times but by and large they have held up very well to a ton of abuse.

      The switches die every 2 years but that's not a big fix either.

      On the other hand I have a friend w/ a regulator who goes through the same pumps one per year like clockwork and looks on in amazement as mine keep on pumping.


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        Hey Larry...

        I might have the dates mixed up - but did you run your new engine sea trial already????
        Steve on Reel Screamer
        2004 Carolina Classic 28


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          it slipped a week - now Saturday

          The B series D4's showed up minus a cross connect cable that was part of the A series. End result was a 1 week slip.

          The work is done; engines are wired and were started in the shop; the boat is launched Friday and I sea trial Saturday and my hauler picks her up Monday.

          We ate the week of slack.

          Mac sent me really good perf. numbers on a loaded 28 w/ D4's - I'll wait and post mine in a few weeks when I get the boat north and rerigged.


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            I see. Well in that case, have a great weekend testing her out. I'll look forward to seeing the performance numbers and the pics.

            Steve on Reel Screamer
            2004 Carolina Classic 28


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              I thought I had seized a motor on one of my fishbox mascerators, bought a replacement and disconnected the old one. When I removed the threaded elbow from the pump I found a 150# ball bearing snap swivel jambed in the stainless blade. I removed the swivel, bench tested the pump and reinstalled the old!! Saved $130.00 this time!!

              Just figured I would share this to possibly save someone an uneeded trip to the supply house.

              "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                macerator pump

                I had a pump that would not pump out. I was taking it out to get all the information to order a new one and decided to try it. The boat had been up on dry storage for almost 2 years before I got it and the pump had filled up with dirt and grit. I filled the pump full of WD-40 and turned it by hand and the pump cleaned itself out and went to work. Haven't had any problems with it since.


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                  Winterization of the boat includes RV antifreeze pumped into the macerators. I then disconnect the lines from the fish boxes and let them drsin into the bilge. Since switching to this method have not had problems.
                  My issue is with the discharge hose from the boxes. Seems to always get in the way of the drive shaft when replacing the box.I plan to replumb with PVC bends to eliminate kinking and make it easier to temove boxes for service.


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                    I have an issue with the discharge hose too but slightly different. Everytime I pull the fishbox out, the hose gets caught under the racor. One of these days, I'm gonna rip the filter off by accident and have a real problem. Anyone else notice this inconvenience?
                    2002 28
                    Volvo Kamd 44p's



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                      Spoke to Mack today

                      Mack is no longer using an impellar pump. He specifically said you could feed a 3/8 inch line into the new pump without a problem. Maybe a retrofit can be ordered.


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                        My CC28 is 5 years old and I have not had any pump problems but I did have to replace the under the gunnel switch. I think it was $5 from the factory so I bought 2 since these are the same switches used on the dash.
                        Capt. Nicolls
                        Atlantic Coast
                        \"L J EXPRSS\"


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                          Just as FYI, I think the switches for the fish boxes are different than the ones in the dash. The fish box switch is designed to only stay on when your finger is pulling on it so you don't burn up the pump by leaving it on.
                          2002 28
                          Volvo Kamd 44p's



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                            I have always had problems with leaks around the fittings that connect to the the macerator and the drain on the fishboxes. It is SOOOOO ANNOYING everytime I come back from an overnighter to find blood in the bilge!!! I have to dilute the bilge area with a LOT OF WATER and drain the bilge area completely all the time. Any tips on how to stop leaks like these? I have tried removing the fittings, adding teflon tape, silicone, but when you pull the box out or put it in, I can't prevent the sealant from being compromised. I have a '99 Carolina, so I don't know if they fixed this issue over the years. If anyone has photos of their setup and any advice that works (of course), I would greatly appreciate it.

                            Thanks ......
                            Capt. Sak
                            '99 Carolina Classic 28

                            Twin Volvo Penta KAMD44P (260's)


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                              bloody bilges.....

                              A large part of that problem is the thick/heavy wet exhaust hose that goes from the box to the pump. I found when I replaced that hose with lighter more flexible series 140 hose and tightened up that elbow fitting on the bottom of the box the problem was far.
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