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  • Simple gaff storage

    Since we often sleep in Reel Screamer I am always looking for new ways to stow rods and gaffs when not running. I added a couple of those West Marine velcro rod straps under my port shelf using stainless steel button screws (1 each). I can stow two gaffs and my flying gaf (hook removed) under the shelf - completely out of the way. Plastic tubing over the hooks prevents accidental stabbings.

    I also added two more rod holders above my shelves. The length above the shelves is ideal for storing trolling rods. (my shelves are cluttered in these pics - I know. )
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    Steve on Reel Screamer
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    simple storage

    Steve: great idea! Thank you. johnd


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      I added a rod holder(like the one in the over head) under each shelf for gaff storage whch worked well.
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        What length screws did you use for the over head rod holders?


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          Rod holders


          I took one of the screws out of the existing (factory) rod holders and matched that size. I believe they were 5/8" long but you should check yours to be sure.

          There are a couple things I want to be sure you consider. I don't store rods in the new holders while I'm underway. I use them to tuck troll rods away when I need the v birth clear for sleeping and/or am not underway. Mac's rod holders are set up so the weight of our reels are held by the relatively sturdy front wall in the cabin. Only the tips of our rods are held by the overhead racks. I'd be afraid to pound while heavy reels were supported using only the rack screws.

          Second thing is that I want to try to find the same Al parts as I use now but with the opening we have in our factory holders so it is easier to get my rods out of the above shelf holders. If I don't find them in a size big enough to accommodate the rod butts I'll probably have 4 of them machined.

          Hope this helps.
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          Steve on Reel Screamer
          2004 Carolina Classic 28