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  • Crew gear slides no more

    After 3.5 years of dealing with duffle bags and backpacks that start out on the v-birth and wind up on the cabin floor I finally added some little removable stainless steel eye loops under my shelves to stop stowed gear from sliding. I have four of these eye loops, two under each shelf, and four 1/8" diam ties with a loop at one end and a small clasp at the other. I keep the ties handy in my cupboard when not in use. I just run a tie through the bag and backpack handles, then through the loop to secure the bags. The clasp on the other end attaches to the eye loop. The ties do not bear weight - they just prevent gear on the bed from sliding back and falling on the floor. I found the eye loops at my marine exchange. Apparently they are made to fasten fenders.

    Pretty obvious thing to do, I realize. Just thought someone else might also make use of the idea.
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