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    So this past weekend I took out our new-to-us 2000 25 with a 2003 8.1L Volvo repower, I know this boat is heavy but once there were 6 of us on board I could not get this boat to plane at all. Running WOT at 3200 rpm and 15mph was not very fun. I tried about everything to get the speed up, trim up, tabs up etc. to stop any drag

    Things to note:
    1. the hull is not that smooth, the paint job is pretty rough

    2. I'm pretty sure the props on it now are B5's, my dad wants to change to stainless and he thinks C4's will bring those rpm's up.

    3. tanks were over 3/4 full

    I guess my main question is will the C4's make it faster fully loaded?
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    I have a 98 25' Repowered last Sept. with a 375 hp carb. Had B-5's on and it turnen 3800 WOT. Changed to C-4 Wot is 4200 well worth the investment. I criuse at 3500 rpm's and get 1.3 mpg. now back to your boat. Clean the bottom!!!
    Good luck


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      I have the 8.1 Volvo turning a C-5 propset. Depending on load, WOT is just over 4200 to just under 4400 rpm, top end speed is 41+ knots (gps). Unfortunatly, Lake Erie doesn't allow WOT very often. But, it is fun to open her up once in a while when the lake does lay down
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        good to hear, i think with just me in the boat it was turning 3700-3800 WOT, can't wait to get new props


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          have 25 with Merc and duoprop. Full fuel, two persons on flat water WOT is 4400 rmp and 40mph (gps).
          Even loaded (really overloaded) with 4 people and a weeks worth of ice and coolers and coolers of bait and food and beer in slop crossing to Bahamas it was tough but could get up on plane.
          Change your props. Clean your bottom.. did I mention change your props johnd