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1998 CC28 - AC wiring question

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  • 1998 CC28 - AC wiring question

    I took off my AC panel for the 1st time ever yesterday. 10 years old and looks clean and uncorroded inside.

    Since I don't have an engine room outlet I wanted to figure out what was or wasn't behind the engine room switch.

    I found a black wire connected to one side of the switch and the other side jumpered to the refrigerator switch.

    Anyone know what this is all about?

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    Which side has a constant hot? I would assume that the jumped side is feeding all of your AC circuits and the black single wire is the switch leg or load out. To where?? you will have to trace that one.

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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      no pictures and I didn't think to check - the side with the jumper was pretty unpopulated; the other side has a black wire coming out each switch. Your probably right; the junmper side is hot and the other is load.

      I'm now thinking an easier way to do things is to order a pair of wolverines with longer wires and no plugs; run the wires right into the compartment behind the fridge and then splice on the plugs and use the refrigerator plug instead. Nice dry and protected spot and my fridge is long gone from the boat....