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triple rigged outriggers, anyone interested in how to do it correctly?

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  • triple rigged outriggers, anyone interested in how to do it correctly?

    i have a way to rig the outriggers so you can always tension the lines as much as you want, have 3 separate outrigger clips, as well as a teaser ring, is anyone interested in seeing the set-up i just did on the 25' classic. i will shoot some video.

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    I would like to see how it works.


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      Jam cleat?

      is it done with a sailboat jam cleat?


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        Come on, what's the secret?? We are waiting...

        "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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          will do some photo/video work-up tomorrow if the rain ever let's up.


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            that will be nice if you get a few pictures and a video of how it works.


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              took some pictures but they don't show that much when reduced in size to fit the board. anyone interested should email me at [email protected] and i will send you them full size.


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                Just Today I Started Doing My Outriggers, Is Your Boat A 32 ? Anyways I Sent You An E Mail Asking To Foward Your Picks. Thanks For Your Help Iam Having Trouble With How To Tension Outrigger Lines When Up And Down Thanks Chuck


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                  parts list consists of 4 stainless steel hog rings/clips ...(these are for attaching the three pulley block to the rope)

                  two 6" sections of adhesive lined heat shrink tubing that will fit over your nylon rope.

                  8 ft of uv resistant black rope, or a good type of 1/4" to 5/16 rope that will not rot or fray.

                  two 3 pulley blocks made by Harken mfg. model # 408 16 mm triple pulley blocks

                  two 1/2" white nylon grommets for gunwale penetration and rope guide

                  two harken mfg model #284 micro wire fairlead kits with bases

                  two harken model # 338 micro-cam cleats

                  coil of black, red, yellow, clear or blue 400# mono

                  if you are nifty, your short, mid, long rigger can be different colors

                  6 aftco roller trollers or you can use other clips, i have both blacks and aftcos on mine, for a tighter spread and using blacks for the white marlin bite.

                  12 coastlock clips for attaching your clips to the mono.

                  lots of 2.2 crimps

                  6 rigger stops/ corks/old moldcraft resin heads look nice

                  2 glass teaser rings

                  all of these parts are available from west marine.

                  have been busy working out of town and then trying to get the boat where it can be taken down for the season.

                  and of course stainless hardware for mounting the cam blocks to the underneath of the gunnel
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                    hopefully the parts list helped, as well as the email pics i sent to those who requested them. any more questions, feel free to ask.


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                      has anybody rigged them this way yet, if so i would like some opinions from others on how they worked. all of these set-ups i have used run flawlessly in the bluewater as long as you understand the potential. i am ready to splash the redone 25 and see how fast a wahoo can pop a clip, and maybe a tuna or 10 as well.