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    DOes any one know what size screws should be used to mount some electronics to the underside of the hardtop. The unit right now is mounted under the electronics box and is a devil to see around in bad weather. I bought the boat with it mounted this way and cant stand it any longer. Also the Aluminum foil backing for the sound barier in the engine room is starting to peal away from the insulation. Question should I just replace the enitre thing or try to spray some glue up there and put it back up. Thanks Harry

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    Before you get into a big job with the engine room foil, go to Home depot and buy a roll of the foil tape (in the air ducting aisle). Get the tape that is just foil with a sticky backing not the thick stuff with insulation backing. You will be surprised how nice it comes out.
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      3M makes an aeresol can contact cement ( I forget the name) you can find it in Depot or Lowes, follow the directions, it will work like a charm! The foam itself will need to coats as it will absorb the first one. Finish the seams with the adhesive foil tape and it will look like new.

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