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28 Transom Box Lid

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  • 28 Transom Box Lid

    Ok guys here is another bait box question. I have an 01' 28 and the baitwell lid had the small door in the center. The plastic has gotten brittle and the hinges are broken.

    SO. I just received in the mail my new bi-fold double door for the transom box. I noticed that the strip in the center does not have holes for screws. Is anyone using it with the lid just laying in there where it can be easily removed or worse lost overboard in the heat of the battle. I saw one at the marina where my boat is kept that has two screws on either side. If anyone does not have theirs screwed down do you have any trouble with it flopping around.

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    I think that the lid you talking about is the same on the 25. I would definately screw it down or it will end up in the ocean.


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      why did you go with the double doors ?. i had an 01 and what a pain. every time the boat rocked ( as it likes to do) water and bait sloshed out onto anyone nearby. just as i was working on some kind of latch i traded the boat for an 03 . this boat had a center door and solved this problem. i would send it back and get the new model...Charlie


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        I went with the double doors because I very rarely use the box for a livewell. The double doors will be better access to the box. I use it more for keeping bait and/or smaller fish. Alot easier to bail dolphin into when we have a crew that wishes to do so.