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CC 35 540 Cummins Performance

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  • CC 35 540 Cummins Performance

    #1 I'm looking to buy a used (04-06) CC 35 - and prefer the Common Rail 540's - anyone have any feedback. I have some "brokers" telling me, that too much power for boat - and CC was have problems from "burning up" props on some of them? - I want them mostly b/c they are common rail - not nec. for top speed - although it is nice to have.

    #2 Also how stable (or not) is boat w/ tower? I had 32 Blackfin SF with tower which rocked pretty bad - would like something more stable

    Thanks - hoping to join the "ranks" shortly -

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    Just saw this post . . . Your broker(s) is/are feeding you a line of @!#$. The 540s are an awesome fit for the boat. If you search under my username you will find several posts I have made in the recent past regarding 35 performance with various engine options. In a nutshell - 540s are a good fit and provide good economy for a boat of this size when run back in the ~27knot range. Common rail = quiet and smoke free . . . .

    As for stability with the tower --- The 35 is a very stable platform and I have not had any customer/friend complaints either in this department. 32 Blackfin vs 35CC you will notice a world of difference. The 32 BF is a great sea boat, but the 35 is ... well ... a beast!!

    Feel free to drop me an email or bmail if you want more detailed info; I know and love these boats and would be glad to talk with you at length . . .

    Have fun on the search!


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      I have a 06 with the 540 cummins. I would guess your dealer does not have a 35 in stock with that engine package, I don't think they offered them in the 35s until 2005 and that maybe why he is saying that.
      I love the 540s. There are not too much power for that boat and have proven extremely reliable to date. If you are not interested in top speed, you will also be happy with the economy of the cummins. The are extremely quiet and smoke free and you still have plenty of room down below.

      As far as the tower, the 35 is a much heavier and bigger boat than the 32 blackfin and that maybe why you noticed so much movement. I have the tower and have not had any complaints nor have I had anybody who has fished on the boat say anything negative.

      You cannot go wrong with the 540s on a 35.


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        CC35 540 cummins performance

        Ahh! what we will say to sell a boat . I also purchased my new 2006 35cc and took delivery in may 06. I reseached this well , before I jumped ,I just have to say my boat gave me great perfomance this summer (lots of fish) the 540 common rail is state of the art . NO SMOKE , QUIET, 35kt cruise ,40glph, trouble free use 325hrs. most responsive of any 35cc we test run with 450hp and 480hp all ran nice, but you have to do it to beleive the avantages of the new 540hp. The bull with the props is that of another brand of boat such as the 41ft#$%%^ also made in Edenton NC I have not heard anything of this with the ACME props hope this helps you out if you need more info or a deminstation E MAIL me at


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          2006 35carolina classic w/twin 540 common rail

          i picked my 35cc up in may of 2006 in edenton. i am very satisfied with the performance, power, speed and the fuel comsumption rate. on an overall fishing trip offshore i get a little more than a mile per gallon. i run up to 30 mph travelling and then trolling the rest of the time. the 540s are great engines, no smoke, quick response, just right for the 35.: