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Fuel Economy 32 Classic?

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  • Fuel Economy 32 Classic?

    Iam Ordering A 32 Classic Can Anyone Tell Me What Kind Of Fuel Economy You Are Getting From The Common Rail 425 Cummins Common Rails.. I Can Change My Mind Now But In A Few Weeks I Wont Be Able To.. Any Input Will Help Me Thanks

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    I am not certain, but I am expecting 30 GPH +/- @ 2600 RPM's= 26-27 knots Hope I am not too far off with those #'s

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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      Fuel Economy

      Tom What Engines Are You Getting In Your New 32? Iam Hoping Those Numbers Are The Least To Be Expected .. Iam Selling My 33grady White With Two 300 Yamies And They Are Fuel Hogs,,plus The Oil ...had To Let Her Go.. Iam Pumped About The New Cc Anything Under 1 Mpg Will Be A Dissapointment,,i Believe You Are Right Re; 1mpg @2600 Rpm Giving You 26 Knts Depending On Conditions,thats What I Hear But Is There Anyone Out There That Has The 425 Cummins That Can Tell Us So????


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        chuckabear in normal sea conditions you will be able to get the fuel economy that you are talking about. if i can remember the boat runs the most effecient at 26 knots and burns right around 28 gph fully loaded the thing that shocked me the most was the trolling gph of around 3.5 to 4 gph. the boat runs incredible so who care how much fuel yo burn.


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          A friend of mine has a 32 with the motors you are talking about. At about 2550rpm fully loaded for offshore he cruises about 27-28kts. What he said about fuel economy was it averaged about 1nmpg over the whole day, cruising plus trolling. A run out about 75-80nm, plus trolling and genset running, burned about 200 gallons each trip last year. He has the electronic controls and had the factory install them where he wanted to accommodate his electronics placement. His AP26 control head is where you normally see the shift levers. He had Mac install the hydraulic motor for the autopilot at the factory and did the rest of the installation himself. I installed the AP16 on my boat myself, the motor is not hard to install, just a pain to bleed the system. If it is not too late you may consider getting your pump to the factory.
          Jim B.
          FLY'N FISH 35 Classic
          Va. Beach


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            32 Cc Fuel

            Thanks Chris,nutz And Missprint..... It Seems As Though Everyone Has The Same Performance Specks..... Are There Any Comments Re: Differences Between Cummins Power Vs: Volvo Power Which Would You Prefer And Why ???? Also There Is One Other Power Source And I Believe Its Yanmar,, Any First Hand Knowledge Would Be Appreciated,, Thanks Again