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Volvo Water ingestion?

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  • Volvo Water ingestion?

    Neighbor with new (05) Regal has Volvo with duoprop. Unsure details this am.
    Water ingestion into the cylinders. Dealer says NOT warrenty.. that distributor would slip back one notch - valves opened and sucked into water - engine hydro-locked.
    Any posts about this with Volvos?

    Thanks johnd

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    I think that is the main reason that Mac is no longer using them and why he came out with the straight inboard in the 25 with the crusader.
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      I was told that they wouldn't do any I/O setups because Volvo wouldn't warranty their outdrive unless a Volvo engine was used. Mac will only use a Crusader gas engine as he feels it's the only one that hasn't had water ingestion problems. If you think about it the exhaust on a 25 straight shaft is basically the same as a I/O. If you were going to get water ingestion you would get it on either one. I don't know about the setup on a 28 or larger boat. He said that Crusader had done some proprietary work on their manifolds/risers but wouldn't tell me what. The valve timing on the engines has also been changed slightly to help prevent the problem. Mac suggest running the engine at 2k for a minute or so after stopping to help dry out any moisture that might be there to cause rust on the valves.

      Shutting the engine down suddenly after a hard run in my opinion could make them suceptable to a backwash to the engine. The CC boats use a water lift muffler that should reduce the posibility of that. There is also a fair amount of rise in the exhaust and riser to help prevent backflow.

      You can also get a insert to put in the line that has a flap that closed when the engine exhaust pressure drops. They even make mufflers that have that feature.

      If the engine was at the rear of the boat I suspect that it might be more susceptable to the ingestion problem.


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        Is there any help from Volvo on the ingestion problem. I replace two engines last year with less than 700 hrs. I now have seen the problem re-occur in less than one year on a new engine.

        I cannot keep replacing engines. Does anyone have any directions in how to proceed?

        Any advice is appreciated.


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          The Crusader has had no ingestion issues. Should you stick with Volvo you'll keep replacing engines. Phone Carlton Layton at (252)482-1504 for more details.