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Update to Major Malfunction

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  • Update to Major Malfunction

    Some of you may recall my post on 11-13-06 titled major malfunction where I was offshore and had some problems.

    Well the diagnosis was this:

    Broken valve on the # 4 cylinder of the port motor, OUCH!!! This is the 2nd time I have broken a valve in the last year and it is getting expensive to pull the motor and replaces valves, a piston, and, sleeve. The first time it occured it was on the Starboard motor and it was diagnosed as just a fluke (maybe an impurity in the metal). Now that it has happened again I am ready to sell it and buy something with outboards. I bought the 1996 28' boat used in Dec 2005 and the motors only had 300 hrs on them since the boat was new. I believe that the boat sat for about 9 years and was never used until I got it. I realize that a lack of use is bad for motors but why would valves be breaking? My mechanic is baffled on why this is happening also? OBTW the motors on the vessel are Volvo 41ps.

    Any suggestions?