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  • Maint to OutDrive

    Good Evening,

    Just curios what kind of maint everyone does to thier outdrives every year? I am pulling and lubircating u joints over the winter, as well as replacing the rubber boots, grease prop shaft, and change oil. Any other periodic maint that I am missing?

    Also, any good tips on how to remove the outdrives. Plan on tackling this one next weekend.

    Thanks for the help

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    Don't forget to check zinc's


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      I let my dealer's service guys do the work when it comes to pulling the outdrive. Watched the process once, looks like a 2 man job. Not something I would feel comfortable doing myself.

      I do pull my propset twice a year. I clean the shafts and hubs of the props by wiping out all the old grease. Then re-grease everything and re-assemble. It's messy, but not at all difficult. I also change the gear oil each year.

      This is probably a dumb question, but does anyone have a sure fire method of getting the correct amount of gear oil into the lower unit the first time, every time? With my old outboard boats, you just pump the oil into the bottom hole slowly until it comes out the top hole, then put the plugs back in. With the Volvo Duoprop drive I have now, there is a dipstick and its possible to overfill or underfill. I could use some help on this.

      Edit: I also inspect the "zincs", or "magnesiums" here on the great lakes
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