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motor mount bracket bolts

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  • motor mount bracket bolts

    Hi guys, just happened to look at my motor mount bracket bolts the other day. Noticed that the metal bracket is through bolted through the stringers but the bolts on the outside have no washers or backing plate. I will try to attach photos here. Consequently the bolts on the starboard side are bent and digging in to the fiberglass of the stringers. I fear that this will worsen and throw off my alignment with the shafts. This boat is an 05 28 and I have had her for less than 1 year. I would suspect that a backing plate should be on the other side of the stringers or at least some heavy washers. The left side is not as bad but.. Also the middle bolt nut is not completely threaded. What do you think? Tom?
    Unfortunately I cannot attach pics, file to big so I will try to shrink it and send later but I think the description should suffice. Ideas, is this a waranty issue?
    Code Blue