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Repower Question...why 8.1 instead of 5.7 or 6.0?

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  • Repower Question...why 8.1 instead of 5.7 or 6.0?

    Looking at the Crusader website I see that there are several high horsepower engine choices...
    5.7 Capts Choice MFI 330 hp $8,679
    6.0 Capts Choice MFI 375 hp $10,247
    8.1 Capts Choice MFI 385 hp $11,892

    The 8.1 is clearly the horsepower leader but what would keep you from repowering with the 6.0? Is it a matter of torque or could a 6.0 or even a 5.7 suffice when replacing a 330 hp Volvo 7.4?

    Just curious about the options available when and if the time comes.

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    You might want to contact Mac about the gas repower. I don't have a gas boat, but I talked with him a few weeks ago about gas boats and he talked very highly about the 6.0 liter set up. He said that those engines run much more smoothly than the 8.1 and offer a less crowded engine room.

    I also talked to a few dealers, and they emphasized that they would not be ordering any more boats with the 8.1 engines because the 6.0 liter is a better engine.


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      It would be interesting to see the advantages once an engine was installed.

      The 6.0 weighs 930 lbs vs. the 8.1 at 1200 lbs. (weight includes 1:1 transmission on each)

      The 6.0 is 5" narrower and 7" shorter in height. The length is the same.

      I wonder if the fuel burn is better on the 6.0?

      Has anyone on the forum heard of an installation and know any numbers?


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        Its not the hp you need, its the torque, torque moves the boat not hp
        2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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          The 6.0 has 390 lb-ft of torque and the 8.1 has just over 500.

          That's a significant difference!


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            theres your answer
            2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS