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    2006 28' D6 volvo's inboard's. just noticed when about to pull boat for season that i have a list to stbd of about 2-3". boat is m/t, all tanks m/t except fuel. any clues?

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    2-3" is a considerable lean. I beleive when my water tank is empty my boat leans to starboard, perhaps 1" When tank is loaded all is well.

    Could your S?># tank be full & you don't know? Just thinking out loud.

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      i don't think so. could hear it suck air when pumped out.


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        28 with Volvo D-6

        I cannot comment on the list to Starboard, but I just purchased a 2006 28' with the D-6 Volvo's. I was curious if you could share any information on fuel burn and mechancial issues you may have had with these engines. From looking at the other threads, it seems like software issues and bad fuel have caused problems for the common rail systems. What has your experience been thus far?


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          i'm thinking water got in someplace and is not running into the bilge. anyway, i have 365 hrs. on my 28 and have had no volvo problems. i usually run about 2400 rpm's which is 24 kts. and burn 7-9 gal per side. 3000 rpm's and over fuel burn goes up significantly. bad fuel is bad fuel common rail or not. i changed my filters at 200 hrs and will change agian in the spring. separs were pretty clean and only a few drops of water. i also have my own fuel supply. i live on the water. all my fuel goes thru a 2 micron racor seperator before the boat. if you would like to talk further, be happy to. 6092900237


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            Mine also lists on the starboard side a couple of inches. I noticed this once I bought the boat used which bothered me. I also thought it was water intrusion. Then I thought the surveyor would have caught it with the moisture meter so I ruled that out. Then I thought the spring line was to tight on the starboard side. Checked the spring line and found it contributed to the list but it wasn't the problem. I then stood on the port gunnel trying to figure the weight difference. I never figured out what caused the list because there are so many possibilities and it never hindered the performance, so I put it out of my mind and just went fishing. If you figure it out please post. You would think everything would be balanced perfectly with such a great boat but as my wife always says to me "stop trying to get things perfect it's not a perfect world".
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              One suggestion

              The list is very possibly caused by water caught in the hidden dead space beneath the engine pan which isn't draining into the central bilge,

              If you stick a finger in the limber holes at rhe front and rear of the engine pan, does it come up wet?

              If so you have debris blocking water draining from the space under the pan and back under the fuel tank and into the bilge.

              I had the same issue which included one engine pan which was always 1-2" deep in standing water before I got mac to explain to me how to ream out the blocked limber hole to get the dead space to drain.

              All that being said I have always noticed the CC w/ its 24 degree deep V is really suceptable to listing if unbalanced; especially to starboard. I'm guessing the console's couple hundred pounds of weight is enough to make the boat list that way.