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Sea water spatter

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  • Sea water spatter


    I bought a new CC25 this past August. I started noticing salt water splattered onto the aft side/bulkhead of the engine compartment. I found the cause to be bilge water that was inaccessible to either forward or aft bilge pump.

    When the boat first comes up on plane, this bilge water runs aft and comes in contact with the shaft coupling which cause the water to spray over a lot of sensitive engine parts like the electrical contacts for the transmission. It didn't take long for corrosion to start eating away at those contacts but, hopefully, I caught the problem in time and I've treated it with a liquid corrosion treatment.

    Any chance the factory can come up with a shield to place around the shaft coupling and prevent this from happening? That, or some means of getting all the water out of the bilge? Salt water gets into the bilge from the anchor well.


    Steve Borgess
    Hull #CAR253585506