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Water Ingestion Crusader

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  • Water Ingestion Crusader

    For several years I have followed the water ingestion issue which has plagued a lot more boats than CC's. No doubt that valve overlap of the Vortec heads combined with large temp differences between the heads and the exhaust manifold itself is the culprit from an engineering stand point.

    QUESTION:Has anyone heard of a new Crusader 8.1 developing this problem? Is it too early to tell or has the exhaust manifold fwc cooling on the Crusader made the difference?

    2001 CC 28
    Yanmar 300's

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    Mac told me that he isn't aware of any problem with the Crusder 8.1 engine. He said that Crusader had done some proprietary work on the manifolds but he wasn't allowed to tell me what. I'm just finishing up with the installation of one in my 25. I just need to balnce the jackshaft now.

    The fit is very close in the rear due to the heat exchanger. If you would be installing one in a 25 I can possibly help you with some suggestions on that as I had to do some hard thinking on it. If you should get one I would suggest getting the returnless fuel system especially if you want to install a fuel flow gauge. I ended up with the return fuel type system as I didn't realize they came both ways. There suposedly is a fitting at the front of the tanks near where the fill fitting is but mine must have been covered with the plywood they put over the tanks. I worked out a way to return the fuel but it wouild have been nicer to have found a fitting in the tank. Flow scan makes a system that will handle the return fuel but it's fairly expensive as you have to buy the second sensor.
    Advance, NC


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      what is the ball park cost of repowering a 25 to the crusader 8.1?


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        Give me a call at (336) 998-6501 and I'll discuss it with you as I have just finished the installation.

        Advance, NC


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          Water Ingestion Issue

          Good Evening-
          I am new to the water ingestion issue, have 98 7.4 Volvo's with outdrives? Any issue with these motors? I have heard of the idling motors at 1500-2000 rpm before shutdown, just curios if there was any other solution?

          Thanks for the help


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            I think most of them had the problem at one time or another. the result is premature wear in the cylinders due to salt scratching the cylinder walls and valve problems. Not everyone has the problem depending on how they are used. The higher the risers from the exhaust at the rear I believe helps along with a water lift muffler that helps to prevent the back flow.

            Do a search on the internet for water ingestion problems and you should find a lot of info on it.
            Advance, NC