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  • Fish Box Leak

    OK everyone, here is a question...

    I have a leak on the back side of the nozzle that fills the fishbox with raw water on my CC25. It seems the elbow on the otherside has either cracked or come off.

    I have tried to get back there but impossible from under the gunnel and up from the aft hatch. Does anyone know if the fishbox liner comes out? I see a
    silicone bead around the top so I am assuming if I score that and unhook the drain at the bottom ( I can reach that) it should slide up and out.
    Has anyone done this?

    Let me know, everytime I use my raw water it fills the bildge.


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    There should be a hole under the left side of the baitwell enclosure (there is on mine). You can reach in there and unscrew the plastic hose fitting. You can cut the sealant and pull the box up and maybe get to it. The drain fitting on the bottom is a 90 deg fitting and it's hard to get the hose off it. I ended up cutting mine off and replacing the hose.
    Advance, NC


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      Had to replace mine once from people tossing icebags in the fishbox and broke off the spicket on the box side. It was a pain but unscrewed the fitting and pulled the hose and 90 degree spicket down through the access hatch in the back deck. Replaced the spicket or fix hose leak in your case then pushed hose back up as best I could and ran two coat hangers looped together down through the hole in fishbox hooked the spicket with coat hanger after many attempts and pulled it up to the hole and through and then threaded the plastic nut back on. Wasn't fun but worked. Hope this helps.

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        Thanks Guys, I'll probably try both, I don't have an access panel under the left
        side, so I will try the coat hanger, if that doest work, I guess Ill do some cutting.

        Thanks again.



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          I was finally able to fix my raw water leak!

          What I did:
          I reached up from the aft hatch and was able to pull the hose down and up thru the hatch, seems the fixture just pulled off.
          This is where I made my only mistake, I pushed the fixture part thru the hole in the fishwell thinking it would just drop into the bildge and I could reach it, well it didn't and now could have been anywhere. I SHOULD have tied a line to it and danggled it down til I could see and reach it. I reached as far starboard as I could and by some miracle I felt it. Retreived it, sent an old snake I had down from the hole in the fishwell, re-attached the fixture tied a string around the end and snaked it back up thru the hole, and by another miracle I was able to grab it with my needlenose, pull it thru and re-attach the nut.
          It was a time consuming job, but the feeling of success was a great reward, rarely am I able to fix many things!!