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    Good Afternoon Everyone-

    I am new to the site, actually just got my CC28 on this past Saturady. I have been reading a lot of the posts and it looks like a fantastic place to talk about the CC's. Look forward to learning a lot......

    Well, after running approx 200 miles from the Southern Chesapeake up through the C&D Canal over to Lewes, DE, I noticed ( through smell) I had a substantial gas leak, immedialley had the boat pulled (marinia guys were a great help) and started looking for the problem. After we had the bilge cleaned up and dry (intially seemed all gas was in the center bilge), I found more gas on the starboard side of the starboard engine ( outside the starboard engine bilge) Where the fuel line runs down from the petcok and then travels to the forwrd in approx a 5" channle to cross into the engine bilge closer to the LP fuel pump. My first question, how does gas/water get from this outside bilge to the center bilge? I pulled the fish boxes and could not find any path, but figure it has to get into the center somehow.
    Had to head home for work today, and did not get a chance to trace the problem any further, but I am suspecting that it is either the fuel line or petcock that is leaking at this time. I did take a few pictures, and will post again asap.

    Other than problem mentioned above, the boat ran great, have all winter to get her waxed and polished up and in tip top shape for next yrs offshore season.

    Thanks for the help,

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    false floor under the engines

    The deck under the engines is a false floor with emoty space beneath it. Liquids drain from under the engines to that false space by limber holes at the very front and very rear of the engine floor; right up against the center stringer.

    They go from there to the center bilge by a limber hole from the false space back to the bilge tunnel under the fuel tank.

    You should be able to find the 2 limber holes from the engine bed to the empty space under it - the hole from the false space to the tunnel is not visible and is almost impossible to access.

    I say that from having to ream it out once when my port engine bed was not draining....


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      Gas Leak

      Well, found the leak, starbaord side saddle tank sending unit gasket, when the tank is full. Does anyone know where I can get these? Can I use the standard gasket for sending units, or should I give the factory a call? Thanks for the help


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        You should be able to use a standard gasket. I have made them out of EPDM (roofing rubber) before. Be sure that your ground on the sending unit is good. I found the ground off of my starboard tank and serious errosion under the sender from electrolysis starting due to the differential of potential between the sender and the tank.
        Advance, NC


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          One thing to look for is if there is a small O-Ring on the screws that hold the sending unit in place. If you have these, they are a one use screw and need to be changed because of the O-Ring. You can get these from the factory.
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            Welcome. Sounds like you keep your boat in Lewes. I live in Dover De and we keep ours in Ocean City Md for the season.

            Keep in touch and maybe we can get together in the Spring and meet out in one of the canyons. Been out of OCMD for 4yrs now. Had a great 06 season.
            28 Carolina Classic
            OCFC, MD.


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              Fixing this coming weekend

              Parts should be in this week,so I plan on getting her all put back togeather. Thanks for help everyone


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                Fuel Fill Hose

                Good Evening

                Got the gasket installed and seems to have corrected the problem, but have now decided to replace all the fuel fill lines and vent hoses. Does any one know the diameter of the Fuel Fill hoses for a 28?

                Thanks for the help


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                  Not certain, but probably is 1-1/2" fuel fill hose. Good idea to change though, if one hose has failed the others are soon to follow.

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