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28 Acme props

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  • 28 Acme props

    Lets move this one from ask Mac.


    I assume that with the 315's you are swinging 18" props. Just wondering if your boat still has the shallow prop pockets in the running bottom. Mac mentioned to me that he has now removed them, just not sure what year he started.


    P.S. I will give you a call to talk about meeting @ your boat. Thanks!!
    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32

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    I left you a reply in the Ask Mac forum and then saw this one after the fact. I have a post in this forum about fuel and performance and am interested in looking at changing props. Just curious about how they speced your Acme props. Chuck


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      prop pockets

      i dont think my boat has them... CCLASSIC28....due to the snow i may not be out there this weekend..will decide later..and let you know..


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        When I spoke to the engineers at Acme they stated that they usually remove 1" of pitch on their props from "stock" props.

        The actual sizing is done with real time info on RPM's, load weight, low end torque and speed.

        When you furnish them with your boats data and performance spec's they will size your props.

        Then you will speak directly with an engineer and do any needed "fine tuning"

        Also, because these wheels are 100% CNC machined(execpt for balancing) , if the boat does not run as you would expect they can only adjust the cup to compensate. (from no cup to a max of .180)

        If any cup adjustment is needed they will do it free of charge.

        If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know.

        P.S. sorry for the delayed reply I have been in bed with the flu for 2 days

        "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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          Thanks for the reply, I've been away for a few days and haven't checked in. I think I am going to have the current props reconditioned to spec and see what that gets me. If I am not satisfied i am going to call Acme.

          I'll post with how I make out when I get back in the water, hopefully soon.



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            Prop update

            Just heard from Acme, my props are due to ship out of their facility on 3/31. Should have them just in time for my launch date.

            I will post performance stats when I baytest. (on or about 4/15)

            "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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              I just had my props reconditioned for my boat, and asked the owner for any comments on the Acme props. He basically stated they have taken their design from the high performance boats, and have tissue paper thin blades. He stated that if you ever hit anything - you will most likely total the prop - unlike a "standard" heavier blade. Just passing the info on.


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                Acme Performance update

                Well, the boat went in the water on 4/26 and I finally completed a few projects and bay tested today.

                I must say that the Acme props are some smooth running props. No more vibration (cavitation) on quick accelleration and very smooth through all RPM's.

                I have dropped off .3 knots at top end (29.8 knots) but am turning up 3075 RPM's ( slightly more than before, 3050)

                Cruise has not changed, 2600, 25.5 knots, 2500, 24.5 knots, 2400, 23.6 knots.

                The boat now responds very well out of the hole with reduced bow rise and a faster time to plane.

                Also, the boat will hold on plane WITHOUT TABS @ 18.5 knots which will be very helpful on those less than desirable days on the North Atlantic

                All of these stats where taken with 3/4 fuel, full water, one person, and a moderate amount of gear aboard.

                I would like to again thank Mac for the time he has taken to speak with me regarding re-propping, and Acme Propeller for a superior product!!

                "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                  Chris, why don't you post Acme's contact info in the OEM and Vendor section.
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