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HELP - Installling Crusader 8.1L in CC25

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  • HELP - Installling Crusader 8.1L in CC25

    I have installed a Crusader 8.1l in my CC25 and except for one item it's ready to go. I can't get the Starboard exhaust connection past the starboard rear salt water hose connection on the heat exchanger. It's the one that connects the hose to what would be a transmission oil cooler at the starboard bottom of the engine.

    There just isn't enough room between the fitting and the bulkhead to get the 4" hose from the "T" to the 4" deg fitting that connects the exhaust hose to the manifold.

    If anyone knows of someone that has this installation please let me know. There have been some installations done so I'm sure the solution is out there. I'm ready for SEA Trials and FISH.

    336 998-6501
    Advance, NC

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    If you did'nt find a solution I would call Kieth at the factory. He runs the 25 and 28 lines. He should know.

    post some pics of the install if you get a chance.
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