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Changing 7.4L to 8.1L Crusader CC25

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  • Changing 7.4L to 8.1L Crusader CC25

    If anyone installing a Crusader 8.1L engine in place of their original 7.4L one and is considering doing the project them self we are just finishing up on the project along with reworking all the bearings on the jack shaft and grinding off the rust scale and repainting it. We still need to balance it when the engine cranks up in the next couple of days.

    I am willing to provide any info we have learned from the project if contacted. It really isn't that bad of a job getting it in the engine compartment but there is a lot of small things to do with lines etc. that need attention.

    We also changed out the two shift cables and throttle cable. I had to have the nose of the splined rear jack shaft adaptor that the outdrive (Bravo III) fit into turned down and a sleeve installed as one of the two bearings on it appeared to have previously turned and the shaft wasn't repaired. The machinest also put a stainless grease seal on the adaptor as a bonus.

    It's been a project but well worth the time put into it as we refurbished a lot of small items in the process. I also picked up a pair of like new 24" props cheap to put on in the place of the 22" ones that were on it originally. I figure the extra 85hp will handle them.
    Advance, NC