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    I just lost a sale (brokerage boat) because the buyer is scared to death to leave the I/O in the water for 6 months (CT -cold water). He tells me Mac is no longer producing I/O's ??? Anyone out there have any positive/negative input about leaving a 25' with an I/O in the water 6 months out of the year ?What about a straight drive being the only drive available for 2007's ??

    Thanks, Jeff Murray
    It's a Classic


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    Mac isn't producing I/O boats because he will only use the Crusader engine in a gas boat. Volvo won't warranty their outdrive unless they use the Volvo engine also. The Crusader is the only one they say that they haven't had a single case of water ingestion with.
    Advance, NC


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      My partner left his jack shaft 25 in the water 12 months out of the year and had no problems. As with any outdrive boat, proper maintenance is key . . . .

      We do live in Virginia Beach, so a hard inlet freeze has not happened in years . . .

      Straight in board is the norm now for 25s and 28s and has been for a few model years. Mac will build a jack shaft boat on request however . . .