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D4- potential hose chafe heads up

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  • D4- potential hose chafe heads up

    In topping off oil today I noticed chafe from the sharp underside of the dumb plastic enclosure that surrounds the oil cap against one of the rubber coolant reservoir hose lines. It was not critical, but was on its way.....

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    KAMD 44p similiar problem

    You'll notice that the bottom of the air filter housing is ribbed and pushes down on one of the coolant hoses. I can tell that it is just a matter of time before the hose gives out.
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      this reminds me...

      On the KAMD 300's I found two places where my raw water hoses were being dug into by vibration against a metal object.

      One was near the port side, front of the engines, low, where the raw water hose vibrates/rubs against a metal bracket. Over time, the rubbing created a significant gouge in the hose. The other location was near the oil filters where a bronze colored fitting on the fuel lines was rubbing against the water line. The remedy for both was to slit a 2" length of radiator hose, wrap it around the hose being damaged, and cable tie it in place. It then acts as a simple guard.

      No matter which engines you have, it's a good idea to inspect all runs of hose and tubing to see if you can spot this type of wear/damage. It's easy to deal with it if you find it before the gouges wear too deep.
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