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synthetic engine oil, try it or stick with multivisc?

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  • synthetic engine oil, try it or stick with multivisc?

    Looking to switch over to a synthetic oil for next season. Anybody using synthetic engine oil? Maybe the Amsoil 15-40? Volvo synthetic 30 wt? Any comments appreciated.

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    Synth Oil

    I've used synthetic (Mobil One) for years in both my vehicles. I'm thinking of using it in my new house backup generator. Keeps the engines cleaner. The truck is 12 years old and still going strong.

    But the Volvo diesel boat engine would take 2.5 gallons to fill. I think I'll stick to Rotella or Delo. I'd rather change more often, at least annually as I'm a low hour user.

    Would be curious if anyone has used it regularly on their boat engines.
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      synth oil

      CC25 with Chevy (Merc) 7.4 previous owner only used Mobile One. He is aircraft /weapons designer and swears by this. I have used now 4+ years.
      We tore engine down at 900 hours and I swear you could eat out of the oil pan.. everything was clean clean.
      I also use Mobile One in my Dodge with 107K miles on it.
      Is it better? I don't know, I'm not a motorhead, but my limited experience says it works.
      $26 for 5 qt bottle at Walmart.. now they don't carry, so cost me $30 at auto store for 5 qts few weeks ago when i changed oil. I run the multivics 15-50. johnd


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        Synthetic oil

        Synthetic oil is the way to go. You can expect better fuel consumption, decreases engin wear,easier start ups and longer oil life just to name a few.

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          My Volvo manual says only synthetic. I've been using the Volvo branded 30 weight up until my last change. I switched to Mobil 1 15W-50, also approved in the manual, just because I can get it at any auto parts place and its about the same price.
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            Thanks for the replies. I looked at the Mobil 1 website and the don't show a 15W50 available. Are you sure its Mobil 1? Where did you get it? Thanks again....


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              I get it at Murray's Discount Auto. It is a Detroit area chain of stores. Around $6.25 a quart last time.

              2004 Carolina Classic 25 - Little Dandy
              Volvo 8.1 DuoProp


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                I use redline 15 W40. great oil, i actually prefer it to amsoil, but it is $8.00 a quart. Pick your poison
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                  Amzoil (outdrive & engine) and your Amex . . . . don't leave the dock without them. My 1997 Suburabn has 315K miles on it and over 100K miles have been used towing a BIG boat behind it. 2-3 mph improvement just changing over to Amzoil.
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                    Local Autozone had the Mobil 1 for 5$/qt. Gonna give it a try. Thanks


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                      I am a mechanic for a large trucking company they run Rotella 15-40 in the fleet. They did a lot of testing on oils & this is what they chose to run in the diesels. I have a dodge with the cummins & a CC25 with the volvo KAMD 300 I run this in both. But I am thinking of switching to the Rotella full synthetic 5-40 in both. Charlie
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                        Here's something you might want to read. For some time now they have been taking some of the key lubricant ingredients out of oils that are necessary for the non roller cam type engines which is what most of the new ones are. Cam fialures are rising fast in the older cars. I have several older collector British cars and have switched to Rotella as it has a good quantity of zinc in it as well as others items. Most folks think that Rotells and the other so called diesel oilds aren't for cars but read the label and you will see that isn't true. It seems that the racing oils which are availabile at the auto parts stores still have the ful complememt of additives.
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                          Synthetic oil

                          If you have Cummins diesels you need to use Mobil Delvac 1. It is designed for heavy duty diesel engines. The stuff at Wal-Mart won't work. Great stuff, a little expensive. I also use it in a 2004 Ford Excursion with the Power-Stroke diesel.