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Hoses from tower to hardtop

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  • Hoses from tower to hardtop

    Was wondering if anybody has had to replace the hoses that run from the tower down to the hard top which potect the throttles and electric wires . Is this something that has to be order from Mac himself, or can you find them elsewhere? Thanks in advance. Boat is a 1997 28 '

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    You can get the rigging tubes from any outboard service shop and of course Carolina Classic will sell them to you. I just did my tubes and it was not too much trouble.

    You might want to give Keith a call at the factory before you start. While working the Norfolk in water boat show this past weekend the rigging tube subject came up during a slow moment and he mentioned that they were working on a 'wrapping' that can go around your tubes that would negate the need to rewire, etc.

    Good luck.


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      Hoses for Tower

      A local upholstery shop should be able to fabricate covers out of sunbrella or vinyl with velcro. I did it several years ago because of cracking and it has worked well.

      Wrightsville Beach, NC